My First Zine

Animated gif of a zine opening and closing.

I have been a fan of zines, comics, and printed media in general for forever, and at long last I got around to making one for myself.

Thicket is 20 pages of improvised drawings of dense, abstract landscapes done in the week or two leading up to an art show I put on with two of my best friends.

Everything was done at home. Of course I had to go out and get new ink cartridges for my printer (there goes $75), and a pack of 25,000 staples since that was the only amount available at Target (of which I probably used less than 100.) I was also very lucky to borrow a paper cutter from my friend, which I hadn’t planned on but the moment I used it realized that the entire project would have been maddening if not impossible without it.

So with supplies ready, I got into the rhythm to printing, cutting, folding, and stapling, eventually producing about 30 zines, plus a couple of early test copies. I’m pretty happy with the little guys, they’re a cute 3″ x 5″ and made a great giveaway item at our art show. I also got to mail out a handful to friends living out of town.

I’ve loved and collected zines for years, so it was incredibly satisfying to finally make one of my own. Zines are a cornerstone of DIY culture, and now I can say that I’ve, you know, done it myself!