And Away We Go

What does it mean to start a blog in 2019? On the one hand it seems hopelessly outdated. People have been announcing the death of blogging for years now, and with several prominent independent sites closing their doors recently, it might appear to be a lost cause completely.

But we can’t just let the big social media sites steamroll any hope of an independent web. And one way to do that is to defiantly maintain our own presence on the internet outside of their gates.

I’ve had my own website for years to showcase my art portfolio, and now seems just as good a time as any to expand my little home on the internet. The social media dominated internet feels toxic, addictive, and shrill, and even though I still manage to find to find amazing new artists, writers, and people making genuinely interesting stuff, it often feels like a net negative on my own mental well being and creative practice. There’s got to be a better way!

This site will be an ongoing experiment to figure out what I want to see on the internet, and how to live online in a way that doesn’t break my brain. Just me following my own curiosity and sharing what I discover.